CBD Lube For Your
Biggest Orgasm Ever?


Absolutely! CBD Is An Amazing Compound That Can
Provide Sensual Amplification For You and Him...

It helps to boost circulation... Which is KEY for us women to reach climax. may in turn improve sexual function and arousal in women with
problems such as pain during intercourse and other types of pelvic pain.

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Honeypot Lube

A Slippery Sensational Lube That’s Infused
With Broad Spectrum CBD Extract Designed To...


So you and him can enjoy every touch and thrust with your “pleasure- sensors” responding in ways they haven't in years, or maybe ever.


So you can finish your sexual rendezvous with the ultimate body-shaking, toe-curling eruption of pleasure and satisfaction...


Which is incredibly important to help reduce pain during sex. (because I think we can both agree, painful sex SUCKS!)

Blood Flow

Getting blood flow to our genitals is the holy grail to experience the MAXIMUM amount of pleasure from intercourse (for both you and him)... which is why we’ve designed Honeypot Lube around this simple fact that so many other lubricants overlook.

Your Muscles

When you’re relaxed, it’s so much easier for you to get out of your own head and into your body.

Sexual Pleasure

Whether you’re with your partner... or maybe you want to explore eachothers bodies in brand new ways, you can use Honeypot lube to enhance your experience even more...

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6 Bottles


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3 Bottles


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Honeypot Testimonials

See how Honeypot Lube has helped our customers
Get Bizzy and have the sex-life they've been dreaming of.

Lorri L.

"Loved It!!!!! My partner is 60 and I am 59. We have been together for 21 years. Our sex life was getting boring and definitely in need of lubrication. I tried the Honeypot first on me and I was blown away at the HUGE sensation within minutes. Next tried it with my partner and he loved what it did for both of us. Lovemaking was incredible and had one the best and longest orgasms in a long time."

Angela A.

“I am so happy that I purchased honey pot. Before I purchase honey pot I was having difficulty with sexual intercourse, it was very painful, uncomfortable and I just wasn’t looking forward to any intimacy. I decided google for products that can help and I found honey pot. I would recommend this product to anyone whose having the same issues or just want silky smooth lubrication. It really is great and now I look forward to intimacy. Thanks a million.”

Terry D.

“Well here is my experience. My wife and I were getting low on personal lube so I wanted to get her something different and I noticed your website and I thought this sounds interesting, but I didn't tell her I ordered it. Well to make a long story short we used it and at the end she said , ‘WOW, what was that!!!’ I said I ordered some new lube and I told her about what it would do and she said, ‘It did that and more.’ Thanks!”

Becky S.

“WOW! You weren’t joking about the increased blood flow! All of the areas that needed it, got it...I won’t be using any other lube from now on!”

Paula R.

“I tried Honeypot because menopause has caused extreme dryness, irritation, and painful sex; lubricants I have tried have been less than satisfactory. Honeypot is definitely at the top of the heap!”

Grace M.

"I've always had good sex with my husband. He's handsome and he's good to me. But honestly, we needed something different, especially as we're getting older. This was exactly what we needed. Really enjoying using this."

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